The Mashup Film Festival 2018 will take place in France from March 15th till April 15th.

CNC, LaCinetek, Europeana and Mashup Cinéma join their forces this year to propose a special program in the framework of the Mashup Film Festival 2018. The Festival will bring together heritage full-length films and contemporary short film mashups. A mashup is developed by picking up themes, images and sounds from the history of cinema to create an unprecedented film. The gaps between the original version and the new creation reveal esthetic, philosophic and cultural similarities and dissimilarities, referring to specific times and societies. The partnership with the CNC, the LaCinetek, the Europeana and the Mashup Cinéma is a demonstration of the will to create bridges among periods, cineasts and different sensibilities. It’s also the desire to honor the democratization of creation, reviving its heritage through a different perspective.

Thus, we launch a call for films open to all. All artistic sensibilities are welcome to think and rethink around the theme of the 2018 Festival: “Dreams, hacks and utopias”.

Sole condition: your mashup films should integrate images coming from the films archive published by the CNC and Europeana, for your creation to be mainly a “recycled creation”.

The selected mashup films will be projected at the big screen in the framework of a special double program, along with a heritage film of the LaCinetek catalogue. Artist whose films will be selected will be offered an unlimited free pass for all the programed events, allowed to access unprecedented projections and spectacles, benefit from a reserved VIP place and the opportunity to meet the artists invited in this 2018 edition of the festival.

A jury composed by one member of the CNC, the LaCinetek, the Europeana and the Mashup Cinéma will attribute the Prize of the Best Mashup Short Film, which will have a 50 euros CinéPass of the LaCinetek.

Submission is free of charges. Deadline for submissions is February 28th, 2018

All submissions must be made via the festival website:…