Underground – Luo Yuebing

Concept/Choreography/Performance: Yuebing Luo
Camera: Felix Ofosu Dompreh
Seoul Subway Network, November 2011

About the author:

Dance Choreographer and performer from China. Currently lives and works in Berlin.

Her works are mainly solo or duo dance productions for theater set-ups or for public spaces. Luo’s dance creations explore the counter-influence between forms and mind. Through investigation into how modernity has produced situations or formality that patterns individual’s behavior or perception, she questions why and how inner landscape (and body as the projecting agent) of the self is conditioned by outer environment.

Luo’s dance creations explore the inner landscape of individual. Her focus places on the unique texture and power of the interiority in each individual. Using a movement research system of «Spontaneous Dance Body», Luo utilizes personal materials and tangible bodily languages to voice the value of the self.
In recent years, Luo has engaged actively in co-operative performance-based projects across disciplines and cultures.