Schwimmhilfe – Artvideo by BBB Johannes Deimling, 2004.

Music: «Divine Wisdom (Nature Sounds & Tibetan Bowls)», de Massage Tribe ( • )

About the author:

BBB Johannes Deimling Born 1969 in Andernach, Germany. Lives in Norway

«Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.»
[Charles Mingus]

To present complex contents, situations and moments in a simple and elementary way is a signature of the art of BBB Johannes Deimling: the term ‘Performance Art Povera’ describes his works. These are the intersections that inspire and provoke his approaches to the perception of aesthetics, concept and content of his work. The ‘acted images [agierteBilder]’ of the artist are initially created purely visual, but gradually access to all the senses to create a holistic view on the banalities of everyday life with all its changes.

With a deep interest in the aesthetics and transformational potential of materials and objects, BBB Johannes Deimling enters the performative field with a purely visual approach. Deimling suggests “it is not the action that makes the performance, but the quality of an image created in combination with materials, objects and action in correspondence with space and time”. To begin the creative process Deimling forms single images. The so called ‘acted images’ consist of reduced, simple actions often with only one object, one material or one gesture. With a passion for details, a visual alphabet of acted images accrues, allowing Deimling to literally and visually write his art that is performance.