DIY16- Call for Proposals, hasta 19 Marzo

Professional development projects BY artists FOR artists. LADA invites artist proposals for DIY workshops as part of DIY16: 2019. Selected projects will take place between June and November 2019. We plan to support 24 DIYs in 2019 with project awards of £1,600 each. We have increased the DIY budget […]

Flatpack Film Festival – Hasta 20/01/2019

– We’re currently open for submissions for our 13th festival (30 April – 6 May 2019) and this year we’ve got some new categories… Short Film Fair enough, this one isn’t new, but here are the key facts: Films need to be completed after […]

PROYECTOR2019. CONVOCATORIA 12º Festival de Videoarte

PROYECTOR2019. CONVOCATORIA 12º Festival de Videoarte CONVOCATORIA: Hasta el 31 diciembre 2018 Se podrá enviar un máximo de 1 videoarte por artista o colectivo de cualquier temática y en cualquier idioma, aunque preferentemente subtitulado en español e inglés, sin límite de duración, de edad, realizado […]

A Call To Origins- Art Residency on Sardinia Island. Hasta 21/05/18

A Call To Origins- Art Residency, Exhibition, And Symposium In Sardinia Island, Italy About Becomebecome invites artists, curators, and researchers to apply for its 4th nomadic residency and exhibition program taking place in the island of Sardinia in collaboration with IVYnode, Stazione dell’Arte Museum of […]