A Call To Origins- Art Residency, Exhibition, And Symposium In Sardinia Island, Italy


Becomebecome invites artists, curators, and researchers to apply for its 4th nomadic residency and exhibition program taking place in the island of Sardinia in collaboration with IVYnode, Stazione dell’Arte Museum of Contemporary Art, the Monastery of Santa Rosa, and the Municipalities of Nurri and Ulassai.

This full-immersive journey investigates practical approaches to the theme ‘A Call to Origins’. During this 9-day residency in the heart of Sardinia, we will have a unique opportunity to transform, make, and exhibit our work in the Monastery of Nurri and the surrounding area. Becomebecomers will also participate at the Symposium on transdisciplinary education organized in collaboration with Stazione dell’Arte – Museum of Contemporary Art.

What does it mean to connect to origins? Are they located in the past, future or both? What role do our surroundings play in connecting to our roots? Can we connec t to our roots through someone else’s work?

The choice of Sardinia with its rich countryside and astounding history draws all participants towards a calm environment, resplendent with history, mystery, and ancestral inspiration- characteristics that are ideal to build on the transdisciplinary and transpersonal qualities that Becomebecome residencies are known for. Through a range of practical labs, perception strategies, subconscious expeditions with dreams, and body-labs, our peer-to-peer methodology will help bring forth effective inspiration and create unexpected new developments for the various projects proposed by the participants.

We will visit places of archeological interest known for their strong mystical appeal and we will explore the territory, connecting with nature and the surrounding area. Participating artists, researchers and curators will have an opportunity to engage in fruitful dialogue with participants from all over the world while conn ecting with the local art community. The natural environment also assists in moving beyond the ordinary routines of one’s work and access a unique sensory landscape where new ideas, and connections can trigger new insight.


As a sponsor Becomebecome Sardinia, the Municipality of Nurri opens the doors of the Monastery of Santa Rosa to our artists, researchers and curators ​for an exhibit at a stunningly unique location. The Monastery complex dates back to the 17th century and presents a large number of rooms and outdoor spaces to accommodate anything from traditionally hung work to larger-scale installations. Unlike traditional shows, Becomebecome exhibits showcase work-in-progress as a way to encourage process-based approaches to art and feedback from the community. This feedback affects long-term changes in the participants’ work patterns, and is key to the evolution of the work, which will continue to evolve beyond the days of the r esidency.


In addition to the exhibit, becomebecomers are invited to participate to a symposium organised with, and hosted by, Stazione dell’Arte Contemporary Art Museum, the symposium is an invitation to a day of exchange, project presentations and labs taking place at the museum. Stazione dell’Arte works with the idea of a distributed museum, or ‘Museo Diffuso’, Becomebecome participants are given a platform to present art and research on “A Call to Origins” that is distributed, peer-to-peer, process-based, and grow beyond the limits of conventional art spaces to reach individuals of local and global communities.

One of the important inspirations for this gathering is the well-known Sardinian artist Maria Lai, whose work is strongly connected to the theme of ‘origins’ and uses diverse outdoor and indoor spaces to present engaging work which grows beyond the boundaries of traditional art spaces. Her pieces have been exhibited at the 2017 Venice Biennial and Stazione dell’Arte, in addition to showing her work, is committed to engaging in local and international dialogue on art that finds creative ways to involve viewers around the theme of origins.


During the residency, accommodations for the participants are provided at the Hotel Istellas, on the shores of Lake Flumendosa. A unique landscape right at the Hotel entrance door is available for artists that want to connect with nature and the surroundings at their own rhythm. Included in the participation fee for the residency is a confortable bed in a double room shared with one other Becomebecome participant. Breakfast and an additional meal during the day are also included. There are limited options for individual rooms (extra charge) in case participants prefer to stay on their own. Istellas has welcomed art-based projects in the past and offers a perfect place to experience a less commercial and more authentic side of Sardinia, while providing ample space for workshops, movement labs and the creation of new artworks.

The Territory

The territory of Sardinia offers an extraordinary concentration of trace of the past and there are many settlements of great archaeological interest that have turned into cultural points of reference. Nuraghi, Menirs, Domus de janas, and the Tombs of Giants, were built between 3400 and 2700 BC, and dated to the late Neolithic, Chalcolithic and early Bronze Age, Many other compelling sites will also make for an invaluable source of inspiration on the theme of origins. An exciting program of site-visits and other options for exploration awaits all participants of the residency.

Who Can Apply?

Artists, curators and researchers from all backgrounds are invited to participate in the open call. The diversity of participants in previous events has created fresh outlooks, exceptional work, and brilliant insight. As we look towards future projects, our vision is to continue building on the unique synergies created during the residency at this powerful location.

To apply, send the following information to info@becomebecome.com

– A statement about the project you wish to work on (max. 280 words)
– A bio (max. 180 words)
– A web link to your art work or research (if available)

How is the residency funded?

BecomeBecome is a non-profit network of individuals and social actors that host nomadic residencies across Europe and beyond. Our strategy is to keep costs to a minimum while sharing the resources of partners who sponsor, promote and provide a platform for important parts of the residency. We keep our open call free of charge and participants contribute a fee only once they have been admitted to ensure that the basic expenses can be covered.

The cost of the residency, including 8 nights accommodation in a double room at Hotel Istellas, half board, group excursions to the territory, and project development labs with our facilitators is 680€.

on the 19th of June
DEPARTURE on the 27th of June​

21st of April 2018
Early application strongly advised.

All partners of the BecomeBecome team are looking forward to receiving your application and create an unforgettable experience together.

You can visit us at http://becomebecome.com/origins-2018